Best places to go in Kansas City

Being from the great city of Kansas City, Missouri that is, I am often asked by friends and co-workers for the best places to go during a weekend vacation. After typing these out about 17 times in Slack or via text, I figured why not make it official. Most these are located in downtown area or at least in a nice stones throw distance. Sorry KCK, my heart is with MO.

KC has more other amazing places but these are the ones that I think visitors will get the most bang for their buck in quality, uniqueness and entertainment. This list will update over time I am sure, but here is my stab at them.



Quay Coffee (River Market) –

Thou Mayest (Crossroads) –

Oddly Correct (Westport) –



The City Diner (River Market) –

Succotash (Crossroads/Midtown) –

Happy Gillis (Columbus Park) –



Q39 (Westport) –

Charbar (Westport) –

Joe’s Kansas City ( the only Kansas City, Kansas place) –


Fine Dining

The Rieger Hotel (Crossroads) –

The Majestic (Downtown) –

Gram & Dun (Plaza) –



Green Lady Lounge (Crossroads) –

Doughnut Lounge (Westport) –

Manifesto (Crossroads) –



Harry’s Country Club (River Market) –

Flying Saucer (Power and Light) –

Bier Station (Waldo) –



Fred P Otts (Plaza) –

Dave’s Stagecoach Inn (White Russian, Westport) –


Late night/food after many drinks

YJ’s (24/7 for breakfast, Crossroads) –

Westport Flea Market (burgers, Westport) –

Town Topic (24/7 dinner style burgers, Crossroads) –



The Peanut (Downtown & Plaza) –

Westport Ale House (Westport) –

Q39 (Westport) –


Have suggestions? Leave a comment!