Best places to go in Kansas City

Being from the great city of Kansas City, Missouri that is, I am often asked by friends and co-workers for the best places to go during a weekend vacation. After typing these out about 17 times in Slack or via text, I figured why not make it official. Most these are located in downtown area or at least in a nice stones throw distance. Sorry KCK, my heart is with MO.

KC has more other amazing places but these are the ones that I think visitors will get the most bang for their buck in quality, uniqueness and entertainment. This list will update over time I am sure, but here is my stab at them.



Quay Coffee (River Market) –

Thou Mayest (Crossroads) –

Oddly Correct (Westport) –



The City Diner (River Market) –

Succotash (Crossroads/Midtown) –

Happy Gillis (Columbus Park) –



Q39 (Westport) –

Charbar (Westport) –

Joe’s Kansas City ( the only Kansas City, Kansas place) –


Fine Dining

The Rieger Hotel (Crossroads) –

The Majestic (Downtown) –

Gram & Dun (Plaza) –



Green Lady Lounge (Crossroads) –

Doughnut Lounge (Westport) –

Manifesto (Crossroads) –



Harry’s Country Club (River Market) –

Flying Saucer (Power and Light) –

Bier Station (Waldo) –



Fred P Otts (Plaza) –

Dave’s Stagecoach Inn (White Russian, Westport) –


Late night/food after many drinks

YJ’s (24/7 for breakfast, Crossroads) –

Westport Flea Market (burgers, Westport) –

Town Topic (24/7 dinner style burgers, Crossroads) –



The Peanut (Downtown & Plaza) –

Westport Ale House (Westport) –

Q39 (Westport) –


Have suggestions? Leave a comment!

The 27 for 27

So here’s a long delayed post, per usual, but hopefully one that helps me get back on task of what I wrote about in this post. This is the list to rule my 2014 and the year of my 27th being.

Originally, I had planned to write this the week of my 27th birthday. That slipped by, in which this was going to be New Years post… Better late then never? Well here it goes. A list of 27 things I would like to see accomplished ideally by my 27th birthday and no later then the last day of the year.

In no particular order:

  1. Eat Better
  2. Meditation time
  3. Hack my education
  4. More water consumption
  5. More exploration in and out of city
  6. More writing
  7. More reading
  8. Better my development skills
  9. More user groups and interaction throughout the city
  10. Meet more strangers (but only if they have candy)
  11. Skydive
  12. Launch the magical 3 projects by years end
  13. Use Evernote to maintain ideas on the go
  14. More pen to paper
  15. More news consumption
  16. Find work that makes me happy
  17. Start podcast ideas
  18. Clean up my server
  19. Clean up my computing work environment
  20. Better workflow management
  21. No drunk domain buying (unless it’s really good)
  22. Better sleep habits
  23. Less judgement, more encouragement
  24. More completion of ideas
  25. Cleaner living environment
  26. Shoot more videos
  27. Maintain an updated blog

To be honest this is a rough list and I know that a few overlap each other. The point is to have them down in front of me and to share with the world. As I progress through the year and through the list, I will be linking sections of this list to how they are forming.

Idea’s, thoughts, suggestions? Leave them in the in the comments.

A Letter to End the Year

Most of you will never meet him. He’ll never be famous or achieve anything that makes the history books. However, he is a man that I admire and can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. Here is a note from him to me, which could be applied to many lives. So I thought I would share it.

Right off the bat I want to say how much I love you all, how much pride I have in each of you. I truly believe that all of you will be a success, if you aren’t already, in all that you set out to do. Remember that to be truly successful you have to have a clear picture of what you want to do, and you have to give it your all. Don’t give in our give up: Go for it!

In my adult life I have learned a few things that I want to share with you. Take it or leave it as  you wish.

  1. Love your family* as much as yourself. There will be times when Family is the one comforting shelter you can find. Turn to Them and They will be There for you. Trust me I know this to be true.
  2. Respect yourself and those you have contact with. If one does not have respect and faith in oneself, it is hard to have a positive outlook for life. In addition, respect others. People don’t like jerks.
  3. Don’t procrastinate. In my case procrastination has led to moderately high blood pressure, being overweight, a long list of things that need done. (That should have been done already).

In conclusion, I love you all and want to be “around” you all for many more years. With some changes in myself, and you all not adopting some of my bad habits, I plan to be here for each of you for a long time.

Life is not always easy, but with a positive attitude and strong family connection, it can be easier.


I always want to know how you are doing, what’s new, what’s ahead. I am so blessed to have all of you in my life.

Thank You!

Love, Dad

May these words help you when you need a word of encouragement again, or maybe for the first time.

A Relaunch of Sorts


It’s been awhile since I sat in front of a camera and shared a bit about my life and this post is to change that.

Hello, I’m T-Rave from Kansas City, Missouri.

I am here to help your life suck less and hopefully have  a smile on my face, and yours, as I do so.

Things that fill my life include:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Engagement
  • New Media Production
  • Consulting on all of the above
  • Community involvement
  • Whiskey drinking
  • Beer enjoying
  • Tobacco pipe smoking
  • Biking
  • Helping others

This is the revamp of my site and will follow my life as it progresses in whatever way it does. Here in the coming days, weeks, months I will be sharing my thoughts, opinions, and lessons I have learned and strive to be better at.

Interested in where this blog has come from? Feel free to check out my old content in The Archive.