A Start of Something New

Let’s start with, “I had a crappy ending to my day,” which makes this all that much better.

shattered nexus

As I sit here entering the 27th year of my life, I reflect on what I consider shortcomings. It’s been 2 weeks since I entered a new year added to the calendar and I have the looming feeling that I have failed. Not in a way that will effect others, but that disappointing weight that surrounds you when you don’t complete, or in most circumstances even start something.

That would be this blog at the moment.

Now, most of you know of my work on this site more in the form of video, check the archives, so this is a bit of a different medium for myself. With that said, you can forget about proper grammar. I have always been terrible at it and hell this is my blog so you can check that at the preverbial URL front door.  (I have no idea if that makes sense but that is just one of many things to expect.) So how have I “failed” should be asked to bring be back on track.

This blog was supposed to be written on/the day after celebrating my 27th year on this planet. To say that, though, would be a complete lie. If I tried to justify that it was to start after the last post, I would continue to be lying to you and even jumping back a year would be a stretch. This form of “spoken” word was supposed to begin back in 2008 when this site really started to take shape. We all know that it’s easier to start tomorrow rather than today.

Today I rectify that.

If you been blessed/cursed to be introduced to me in the real world we live and breathe in, I think you agree that I am an outspoken idea man.?. <- side note I kinda like that. DIBS! > However, I, and others for that matter, find that most those words rarely form into action. So with many attempts at making the written side of this blog work, I am throwing down the gauntlet.

Honestly, a year ago, well before that, I found myself having interesting things that I have opinions about come to mind. Shocker, I know. Each one of these ideas were “blog” worthy. Power to the content creation! Moments later I would find that the ideas had been swept away with the wind. With the loose enforcement, I made a new habit for myself. Everything goes into the notepad. I then promised myself I would, in short time, I would complete the thoughts in post form. Below is just some of the ill formed thoughts added to my Evernote:

blog post from my vault on evernote

blog post from my vault on evernote

Again, here I sit without a single word typed out in reference to that list and I’m sick of it.!. <- like that one too.>

Thus starts the effort to write more and get back into the “scene” of content producing. And like any good engager, I ask that you comment with hoo-rahs and the false promises of support.

This will be tough, as I know myself quite well, and I would expect nothing less.  The next entry will be an entry of sorts to expand this statement a bit further.

Until then, have a great day, share if you like and don’t be afraid to start something new.

Hello World! v2 or something like that. Out.


2 thoughts on “A Start of Something New

  1. Nice work, T! I’m looking forward to your future posts. (Shouldn’t there be another by now.?.)

    I’m pretty much in the same boat… er, code/HTML? I have dozens of half-finished posts (read: ideas) in my blog drafts. I never bother to go back and finish them up. 2014?!.

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