Passionately Fearful

Well, if you have given this blog any time of day you know something is up and the announcement will be made Monday, promise! So in the cryptic way I have been going about things here is another post. More broad but it is leading up to something.

So your always told to go after your passion, or least you should have been, or your dreams if you will. Now the problem with that is, when you are so in love with that one thing you can end up sabotaging yourself in certain ways. Are you good enough? Is it really what you want to do? Can you succeed? Sometimes it is almost better not to try then to find out if your really not fit for it.

You always have a choice though. Do you go after it with full force or just roll over and accept the fate of the working class and mind-numbing, slight insanity? Those two choices are all you have, try at what you want or not. It’s that basic. The sad thing I have seen, is a lot of people just don’t even try or they don’t try hard enough. These days you can do anything you want. REALLY! ANYTHING! You have to have passion+will. So the two formula’s of the day are: Passion+Will=More Dream Success and More Time Invested= Higher Success Rate.

If you are really passionate about something then you have to give it your all. If you don’t, then that is one indication that it may not really be what you want out of life. It should consume your life to almost a point of insanity. Would you rather be a happy with insanity or sad with a sliver of sanity? Not even sure what that means but it works in a way.

Of course it may just not work out. I rather have to find out that it’s not going to work then just assuming it won’t. Ponder on that. Stay tuned for updates and specially for Monday’s announcement. Here is another small excerpt from the wise Gary V. This man has passion.