One thought on “Tech Tuesday: Google Chrome CR-48

  1. Nice review and pretty much my own observations although I only got to play with one for a long weekend when an actual beta-tester allowed me to use his Cr-48.

    The keyboard isn’t too bad for a chicklett -not nearly as nice as a real keyboard like on a business laptop like my Thinkpad. The mousepad sucks. I like the clickability and multi-touch though. But it still needs a left-click button for dragging and dropping. It’s very HARD to D&D with this touchpad. It has potential with spendier components.

    I miss the loss of the Home/End keys. These are must-have keys for navigating around a page. Not having an insert key isn’t THAT bad although using Ctl-Del works OK until you want the Ctl-Ins function and can’t have it!

    As for not having an Ethernet Port, I used a cheap $3.50 USB/Ethernet dongle from amazon to get my loaner Cr-48 online since it was impossible to type in my long wifi password into the login screen. I put the link to that adapter into the url section of my name in case anyone wants to look at it. It definitely worked without any trouble as the Cr-48 recognized it and used it seamlessly.

    Even with its faults I would definitely pay $250 for this unit today. (I wish I would get a beta test unit but I seem to be unworthy…) Most of the issues are teething pains with the software and will be fixed with each new update from Chrome I am sure. The chrome browser is already on version 10 so it shows they are putting updates on the fast-track.

    I guess I could live with the crappy touchpad but I would miss my Lenovo Trackpoint pointer!

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