Let’s get this rolling

So I pay for this so I should use it right?

Well here is the new entry and hopefully a plead that will get readers interested once again.

So in the past week I learned and managed to pull a few things off that has made me realize a few things about myself.

This week I have worked as a graphic designer, web designer, video editor, producer, sound engineer, and a few other things. What does that mean? Not quite sure actually. Other then the obvious that I am multi-talented/gifted, it means I am your one stop multi-media engineer. More to come on that last part.

I also found that I can meet and break deadline dates. I have always been good at meeting dates but never breaking, in the sense of being ahead of time. I find the thrill of burning the midnight oil to get projects done. I impressed myself, amoung others, in doing this feat. Kinda feels good to not have to worry about things.

So I am taking a breather right now from all this craziness. Actually, thinking of how I can use this site to the max. Keep update with checking back and joining my facebook page. Find it at T-Rave.