Sad Day!

So it’s a sad day for the web. Revision3 has made some changes and therefore letting some shows and host go. One notable host is Sarah Lane. She’s a rock-star go check out some of her stuff on Pop Siren. Great show! For most this doesn’t effect you and your lives will proceed as normal, but for some it is sad. We are in an interesting time financially, economically, politically, etc. This sucks but it shows even the best have off days.

No, I don’t keep putting off the announcement to keep you coming back, just getting everything lined up for it. So be perpared for it. It’s soon! Keep coming back.

Let’s get this rolling

So I pay for this so I should use it right?

Well here is the new entry and hopefully a plead that will get readers interested once again.

So in the past week I learned and managed to pull a few things off that has made me realize a few things about myself.

This week I have worked as a graphic designer, web designer, video editor, producer, sound engineer, and a few other things. What does that mean? Not quite sure actually. Other then the obvious that I am multi-talented/gifted, it means I am your one stop multi-media engineer. More to come on that last part.

I also found that I can meet and break deadline dates. I have always been good at meeting dates but never breaking, in the sense of being ahead of time. I find the thrill of burning the midnight oil to get projects done. I impressed myself, amoung others, in doing this feat. Kinda feels good to not have to worry about things.

So I am taking a breather right now from all this craziness. Actually, thinking of how I can use this site to the max. Keep update with checking back and joining my facebook page. Find it at T-Rave.